Rescue Team 4

The brave men and women of the Rescue Team are stronger than Mother Nature!

In this thrilling time management game, Mother Nature is no match for the brave men and women of the Rescue Team! To determine the most efficient way to get rid of barriers, obtain supplies, and finish the tasks at hand, use your planning skills. Rebuild homes and bridges, protect people from natural calamities, and halt chemical and oil spills from contaminating the environment. You will have access to trains, planes, and other fantastic vehicles to help with the operations. The best part is that you can play at your own speed or work rapidly to get stars! In either case, there are numerous accolades to obtain. So become the hero the world needs by joining the Rescue Team right now!





- Five settings

-  63 levels

- Four vehicles

- Eight natural calamities

- Nine characters

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140 MB

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