Rescue Team 3

As the head of the Rescue Team, save the day!

As the head of the Rescue Team, a squad of experts in saving lives who are prepared to arrive and clean up after a natural disaster, save the day! The mayor summons the Rescue Team to help his people escape the wreckage as a tornado rips through a set of formerly peaceful islands. The crew needs discretion to rescue disaster victims and restore damaged buildings. They should use strategy to determine the quickest way to clear debris, repair the infrastructure, and restore damaged buildings. The only issue is that the greedy fat cat has been skimping on building codes and skimming the town treasury. Utilize your resources wisely as you collect the supplies, food, and cash you'll need to keep your business running. And try your hardest to complete all 40 of the game's stages to obtain a gold medal and unlock every achievement. The most entertaining Rescue Team game yet is Rescue Team 3, which is simple to play but difficult to master.





- Ten buildings
- 40 levels
- Three rescue assistants
- Three different types of transportation
- An in-game tutorial
- Technical Notes:
- This game requires a 3D compatible video card.

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55 MB

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