Rescue Team 14: Magnetic Storm Collector’s Edition

Take part in the exciting mission with the Rescue Team to protect Earth from magnetic storms!

In Rescue Team: Magnetic Storm, unusual natural disasters brought on by increased solar activity are threatening to destroy your world once more. As you make your way through a chaotic metropolis, you'll be the helping hand for a group of rescue professionals entrusted with restoring order and helping those in need. In addition to repairing electrical networks, you also need to get essential supplies, save people who are stuck or in jail and steer clear of dangerous situations like boiling lava and electrified water. Along the way, you'll see terrified individuals dealing with a variety of health issues brought on by the magnetic storms, as well as wild animals whose nervous systems have been disrupted to the point where they've become disoriented. You'll work with Dr. Ross and his scientific team as you go through the stages to determine what's generating the magnetic storms and how to protect the public from their dangerous effects. You have to prioritize your tasks and help those who are most in need if you don't have a lot of money or time to spare. Can you bring order back to the city and help humanity weather this storm? Play Rescue Team: Magnetic Storm to find out now.





- Take pleasure in 2D animated videos
- Finish 50 levels within the allotted time
- Accumulate dozens of achievements
- Upgrade gear and level up heroes
- Plan your path to victory with a few mouse clicks


Collector’s Edition exclusive content:


- Bonus chapter with 15 extra levels
- Step-by-step level guide
- Catchy downloadable Original Soundtrack
- Character biographies
- Game Encyclopedia
- Bonus achievements

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