Rescue Team 11 – Planet Saver’s Collector’s Edition

In Rescue Team: Planet Savers - Collector's Edition, avert a glacial meltdown.

Gather the Rescue Team to prevent a glacial collapse that can have disastrous effects! The Rescue Team jumps in to save the victims when a wave of natural disasters is unleashed by global warming! With a few simple clicks, the player can send rescue dogs into churning waters to save people from drowning, deploy helicopters to hilltops to rescue stranded tourists, and send firefighters to put out burning buildings and debris in a race against time. As the player collects and creates the materials required to reconstruct hospitals so physicians can treat the injured and jails so law enforcement can apprehend criminals, the suspense increases! These exciting missions all take place in a vivid, colorful universe full of mysteries to discover and rewards to obtain. Each exquisitely illustrated location, from icy borders to sweltering deserts, will bring the player one step closer to the pivotal moment when the world's fate is at stake! Ready to come to the rescue? A single click will take you to the adventure!





- 50 nail-biting levels to complete
- Calm, Easy, and Hard game modes
- Learn-as-you-play tutorial
- Point-and-click controls



Collector's Edition Features:


- Bonus chapter with 15 levels
- Over 40 achievements to earn
- Step-by-step walkthrough
- Downloadable soundtrack
- Desktop wallpapers
- Collectible stickers
- Character bios

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