Reflections of Life: Utopia Collector’s Edition

Before it's too late, is it possible to escape a utopian toy world?
Utopia CE in Reflections of Life

We invite you on the adventure of a lifetime in Reflections of Life: Utopia!

You’ve been invited to the Mechanical Toys Fair! But your excitement quickly turns to dread when a toy theater master kidnaps your mechanical flying companion! You’re hot on his trail when you’re thrown into a toy-theater world, inhabited by countless magical creatures and the darkness threatening to trap them all forever! Can you find the true toy master and escape with your newfound friends in time? Find out in this sensational Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!





- Unearth the secrets of an ancient order while you race to rescue someone you love in the bonus game!
- Earn a variety of unique achievements!
- Tons of hidden feathers, coins, and morphing objects to find!
- Enjoy replayable HOPs and mini-games, exclusive wallpapers, a soundtrack, concept art, a hidden puzzle, theater, and more!
- Never get lost with the strategy guide!

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