Real Detectives: Murder in Miami

Don your detective's hat and investigate a string of inexplicable fatalities.

Resolve a string of inexplicable deaths in Miami Real Detectives: Murder. Known as the Magic City, Miami is a haven for the vibrant and affluent, but to the Real Detectives, it's just another town where the glitz and glamour conceal a deadly and dishonest underbelly. Most lately, Miami has seen a wave of puzzling, seemingly unrelated deaths. A complex web is exposed as stones are turned over and inquiries are made. Come along with investigators Katherine Healer and Dan Foible as they look for the solutions to solve it. Examine crime sites, gather information, and question suspects. To solve important problems, follow the clues from one place to another and make use of a variety of tools. Are you able to put everything together and make sure that justice is done?

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