Posh Boutique 2

Come have quick fun with Alicia at Posh Boutique 2!

Posh Boutique 2 is the follow-up to the highly popular time management game that has been dubbed the type of game you simply can't afford to leave lying there on the rack. Following her takeover of her grandmother's fancy clothing stores, Posh decides it's time for some downtime. Join Alicia for more fast-paced fun. However, as soon as Alicia's vacation begins, she gets the unexpected news that she has won the lotto! Now that she has her money, Alicia is prepared to expand her Posh Boutique. Assist each client in finding the ideal ensemble, adding the ideal finishing touches, and selecting the greatest additions and modifications for each location, and you may help Alicia grow her business beyond her wildest expectations. Gamers from all over the world enjoyed watching Alicia at Posh Boutique as she made her debut in the hectic world of retail. Play brand-new minigames, decorate storefronts, solve difficult hidden object puzzles, and much, much more to help her navigate the next chapter. You can see that Posh Boutique 2 is the ideal choice for authentic fashion pleasure by downloading the full unlimited version or trying the free demo version!

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