Phantasmat: The Dread of Oakville Collector’s Edition

The end of the world is near...

The end of the world is near... well, in Oakville, anyhow. Discover the truth about what's actually going on in a town where residents are being warned of the impending doom by a mysterious mystic and everyone seems to be gone. It's difficult to determine who is actually living and who is actually dead in this universe, as fans of the Phantasmat series are aware. The unsettling sequel is from the creators of the well-liked Final Cut and Myths of the World games, Eipix! Experience an array of fresh puzzles and hidden-object games, featuring interactive morphing scenes, multiple zoom HOPs, and silhouettes.





- Return to battle the Dread of Oakville in the Bonus Chapter!
- Explore cunningly concealed Collectibles
- Refer to the useful Strategy Guide
- Enjoy extra images, videos, music, and more!
- Replay minigames and HOPs.

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