Phantasmat: Mournful Loch Collector’s Edition

Logan's Castle is haunted by something sinister in Phantasmat: Mournful Loch Collector's Edition.

Take pleasure in the upcoming spooky episode of Phantasmat! Logan's Castle is located in Scotland; welcome! Your boat capsizing in the loch puts your archeological expedition in jeopardy! However, this is not a coincidence. Unidentified spirits prowl the property, attempting to keep the Logan family's secret. Will you be able to find a potent relic and quickly leave the premises? Discover in this thrilling hidden-object puzzle journey!





- Uncover Logan's Castle's ultimate destiny in the bonus game!
- Locate morphing objects and gather secret things for the memento shop.
- Require a helping hand? Refer to the detailed strategy guide.
- Check to see if you possess the necessary skills to obtain each achievement.
- Take advantage of wallpapers, concept art, mini-games, replayable HOPs, and more!

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