Pearl Harbor: Fire on the Water

Control a terrifying battleship and vanquish formidable foes!

With a single mouse click, take command of a powerful battleship and destroy opposing warships in this arcade game with a shooting gallery feel! As you cruise the treacherous waters surrounding Pearl Harbor in a boat fully armed with torpedoes, lasers, and nuclear weapons, accuracy and time will be your only allies! It will be your responsibility to prevent a ship from ever reaching the other side when you see it crossing the screen. With practice, you will be able to utilize mines to blow up groups of boats, get stronger and quicker weaponry, get bonus points and extra lives! Engage in combat either day or night, become proficient in ten different mission types, and earn a reputation as the sea's most fearsome character by completing 120 story stages. You'll be hooked to the screen as you guard thirteen places, operate five different ships, and render over two dozen opposing craft as soft as Swiss cheese thanks to the stunning water and battle effects. Pearl Harbor: Fire on the Water is similar to a vintage arcade game in that it will ensnab you and keep you hooked as you use every trick in the book to win... extra... degree! Now go play this thrilling action game!





- Career and rapid play modes
- 120 arcade levels
- Realistic visuals
- Intense and engaging gameplay

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