Parker & Lane – Twisted Minds: Collector’s Edition

Parker needs to confront her history before it destroys her future, starting with a killer from her early years.

Parker needs to confront her history before it takes her future away when a murderer from her early years schemes a string of killings! Accompany Victor Lane and Lily Parker as they attempt to investigate their most enigmatic case to date. Parker has advanced from a rookie to become one of the force's top detectives. However, what's about to happen might be too much even for her exceptional detective abilities! A restaurant owner is discovered holding a bloody knife over a lifeless person. It's an obvious case, right? However, Parker is not sure; the horrific experiences from her early years are haunting her, and the M.O. seems to be the same as it was in the past. However, when more people begin to fall, all the evidence seems to be pointing to Parker! Solve the puzzle, get Parker and the victims justice, and restore law and order. You have people depending on you!





- Become a top detective by mastering all 12 minigames
- Solve cases with your police skills
- Find the criminal before it's too late! Experience a harrassing story
- Carry out CSI tasks and investigate clues
- Employ forensic tools to examine weapons, fingerprints, and DNA samples
- Level up your detective team and make them stronger and better
- Find clues in 60 levels and 30 challenge levels
- Conduct investigations in 10 locations, including six crime scenes


Please be aware that some PCs might not be able to run this game

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