Parker & Lane: Criminal Justice Platinum Edition

Are you prepared to solve the mystery and apprehend the offender?

In Parker & Lane Criminal Justice, the city is beset by a string of homicides. In this exclusive criminal investigation game, assume the role of a homicide detective and help establish law and order! Even if her own life is a shambles, Lily Parker is a bright and moral detective who works hard to lock up criminals and improve the world. Victor Lane is a charming but conceited criminal defence lawyer who just cares about getting paid, regardless of the client. He's also the greatest at what he does. Parker is made to collaborate with Lane in order to identify the culprit when several of the criminals whom Lane has previously defended begin to die. Is it possible that the victim is one of the offenders? Or maybe a vigilante of some sort? Is Lane the target of this targeting? Take part in the first chapter of a thrilling time management story game, experience the excitement of the chase, and demonstrate your unmatched detective abilities! You're invited to Parker & Lane Criminal Justice.





- Help uncover the covert murderer before another victim perishes!
- Explore nine distinct locations in search of evidence
- learn 18 minigames centred around forensic investigation
- examine clues and analyze objects using forensic techniques
- play through sixty amazing story levels and thirty additional challenge levels
- finish your case file by gathering diamonds; overcome daily challenges to earn more diamonds for your case file
- beat your high score with a choice of fifteen amazing endless levels

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