Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One Collector’s Edition

A fantastic supernatural journey!

In this amazing paranormal adventure, every second matters! As you strive to save a small child with psychic skills from slipping into the hands of a malicious politician, lives are at stake. You'll need to use the boy's ability to manipulate time and matter to solve cleverly placed riddles and escape the henchman who is out to get you and kidnap the child. Every chapter in Paranormal Pursuit culminates in a suspenseful escape scene where you have to make the right decisions to avoid being captured. This Collector's Edition of Paranormal Pursuit rewards your bravery with achievements and a ton of unlockable content, like a bonus adventure where you investigate unexplained events on a remote island. What you discover there will imply that the story of Paranormal Adventure is far from finished. This year's most fascinating adventure is Paranormal Pursuit, with its mind-bending puzzles, dramatic chases, and captivating tale! Try out the unique gaming experience of Paranormal Pursuit by playing it now! This is a unique Collector's Edition release with unique extras that aren't included in the regular version.

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