Off the Record: The Art of Deception Collector’s Edition

The skill of deception is lethal!

The artist in charge of repairing a lost masterpiece that recently turned up in Austria, Lisa Steiner, won't talk to any media outlets save yours. When you get there to interview her, though, Lisa disappears without saying anything. Now, in order to find her and tell your narrative, you need to figure out the hidden clues in her paintings. It might be the difference between Lisa's and your lives. Explore a stunning, artistic realm while you learn the truth. Just use caution in this gripping Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, deceit is a deadly art!


This is a unique Exclusive Version a release jam-packed with special extras not included in the regular edition.





- In the bonus game, uncover a second, potentially deadly conspiracy.

- Gather mementoes, missives, and accomplishments!

- Get access to extras like wallpapers, movies, and original music

Br />Get the Strategy Guide here.

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