Northern Tale 5: Revival Collector’s Edition

The beloved television series Northern Tale is back! Revival in Northern Tale No.

The attack by Hesta's goons had ended the days of peace in the north. The Vikings defeated their opponents with valor in battle. Three days and three nights were spent fighting the legions of evil spirits. The bravery of the heroes faced forth against the formidable foes. The Vikings' ability to work together allowed them to vanquish the terrible beasts. Despite his advanced age and readiness to transition to the hereafter, Ragnar shared the common fantasy of dying with a weapon in his grasp, just like any other warrior. And that's precisely what took place. The Valkyries, Odin's daughters, arrived on the battlefield. They carried the fallen Vikings to Valhalla, picking them up. When Ragnar entered Valhalla's great hall, he noticed numerous warriors dining. He looked to the middle of the hall and saw a massive warrior. Odin was there. Perched on the throne, he gestured for Ragnar to approach him. Odin informed him that dreadful creatures emerged from the bowels as a deep rift opened up under the surface. For this reason, he was forced to seek assistance from the famous warrior, who was now required to seal the rift using magic.





- An extra six levels

- Nine images

- The game's single musical theme

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