Northern Tale 4

Break free from the Vikings' webs of intrigue and restore harmony to their territories!

Once more, Ragnar's country is under threat. His territories are being approached by a massive army of giants, witches, and black knights that corrupt everything in their path. In an effort to put a stop to this conflict once and for all, Ragnar rallies his allies and sets out to battle the evil.


Awaiting you is the fourth chapter in your beloved resource-management series! The grandest of Ragnar's exploits! Discover new and intriguing places to visit! Take control of three distinct characters, each with unique powers and abilities! Unravel the conspiracy against the Vikings and restore harmony to their territories!





- Victory over the Witches, Trools, and Black Knights.

- Entertaining Time Management Playtime

- To win, make use of Ragnar's Allies' diverse skill set.

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