Northern Tale 3

The heroic king Ragnar and his family's history is carried on in Northern Tale 3.

There was peace in the Viking countries. Gesta, the evil witch, and her goons have been vanquished and are no longer a menace. However, there are whispers of an emerging new evil. The four sorcerer-kings of the neighbouring kingdoms vanished, and the terrible beasts now terrorised their territories. It appears that the kings were cursed by an old Etherial Dragon, who transformed them into ferocious elementals. Ragnar will need to release them from their curses and vanquish the Dragon in order to halt the evil's spread!


Explore amazing places as you move through skillfully designed levels! Become friends with sorcerer kings to witness the elemental magic's power in action! Watch the retelling of a legendary tale!





- Vivient illustrations!

- Quick-paced action!

- Separate levels!

- Overcome the Dragon!

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