Northern Tale 2

Come back to a fantastical realm teeming with daring explorers and contribute to rescuing the land from danger!

The period of tranquillity returned with the defeat of the wicked witch Gesta. Ragnar, the Viking King, resolves to rebuild the destroyed villages and cure the cursed trees in order to bring the country back to its former splendour. But Gesta is still alive, and the Vikings are under attack from a more powerful foe. Improved 3D graphics bring the story to life as you travel 50 stunning levels, meet mermaids and mushrooms in distant regions, stop the battle between two powerful civilizations, and discover wonderful locales!





- Due to difficulties that some players had mentioned, this game was updated on November 18, 2013.

- Fabulous visuals

- A demanding gaming experience

- Intricate plot

- Interesting personalities

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