New Yankee in Pharaoh’s Court 6

Go back in time to the pharaohs' homeland and prevent one of them from taking the throne of ancient Egypt.

To prevent a pretender from taking the throne, go back in time to the era of the pharaohs! John and Mary get sucked into their most incredible journey yet when they enter ancient Egypt via the Mirror Between the Worlds! They will encounter mummies, scorpions, and the dark power of a realm long since buried beneath the sands of time as they assist a poor ruler in his attempt to reclaim his throne from a fake pharaoh. You will be in charge of their actions as their tour guide around this incredible universe, guiding them in a time-sensitive manner as they must get rid of difficult obstacles, acquire essential supplies, and avoid hazardous traps! You'll direct them to construct the Sphinx, pyramids, and more before the big clash, using your best tactics to finish each stage as fast as you can. Before the journey is through, you'll solve matching puzzles to find buried wealth, soar above the dunes on a dragon's back to gather scarabs and unlock hundreds of achievements. For Sir John and Lady Mary—the Yankees who fly through time to save the world—it's all in a day's work!





- A thrilling and enjoyable tale!
- Vibrant environments and charming people!
- Easy to learn but difficult gameplay!

- Hidden puzzle pieces, mini-games, and more!

- A timed option for novice players and children!

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