New Yankee 8: Journey of Odysseus Collector’s Edition

Seize the enchantment!
Within the New Yankee 8: Odysseus's Journey Collector's Edition

Come back home with the world's most traveled couple on an exciting time-traveling journey! While working magic, Mary breaks time and space once more, sending herself and her husband, John, spiraling back in time. They arrive on the outskirts of Troy, where they aid the mythical Greek warrior Odysseus in winning the conflict before departing to return him to his enduring spouse. Your ability to persevere through challenging situations, dangerous legendary animals, and the hero's ravenous appetite will be put to the test! Accept the enchantment of interactive storytelling and embark with John and Mary on their most incredible adventure to date!





- An engrossing, time-traveling narrative

- Bright and vibrant gaming environments

- Unknown accomplishments

- Levels appropriate for both novice and expert playersA tutorial that you can learn from as you go.

- Easy to use point-and-click controls



Collector's Edition Features:


- An extra chapter consisting of fifteen levels

- 42 unrecognized triumphs

- A comprehensive strategy guide

- Downloadable soundtrack for the epic

- Four eye-catching desktop backgrounds

- A puzzle to solve that is hidden

- Interesting histories for every character

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