New Yankee 7: Deer Hunters

Follow a snow-white deer through a mystical woodland to solve a fascinating riddle!

Follow a snow-white deer through a mystical woodland to solve a fascinating riddle from King Arthur's time! Reluctantly leaving their contemporary ranch, Sir John and Mary get ready for yet another sword-swinging, magic-casting adventure when the mythical ruler calls them to fulfill another task for him. However, nothing they have encountered will be able to prepare them for what lies ahead as they pursue an odd monster that has an urgent mission! The player must move swiftly to acquire and generate resources, fix buildings and bridges, clear obstacles, and finish tasks for characters that range from wildly wicked to ridiculously funny to keep up with the quick-witted deer. With the player racing against the time to finish difficult levels, unlock bonuses, and earn achievements, there's never a boring moment. An untimed mode is offered for those who prefer a more leisurely experience, which will nonetheless take them on an amazing voyage. Take up the king's call and start your hunt right now!





- Bright worlds and endearing people!
- An exciting, enjoyable tale!
- Easy to learn but difficult gameplay!

- Three enchanted mini-games!
- A kid-friendly, idle mode for gamers!

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