New Yankee 13: Mary’s Dark Side Collector’s Edition

Savor a valiant expedition to retrieve Mary's recollections and save the destiny of the globe!

John and Mary, the fabled interdimensional travelers, have an unshakable bond. They go on trips together, supporting one another and organizing fun theme parties. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when Mary wakes up with a much harsher view of herself after having her memory taken. Right now, embark with John and his friends on a heroic quest to retrieve Mary's memories and safeguard the destiny of their planet!



  • 45 enjoyable stages to complete
  • Three distinct challenges to put your skills to the test
  • Eleven minigame levels including three captivating game genres
  • Numerous achievements are yet to be unlocked.
  • Masterfully designed and varied settings



Collector's Edition Features:

  • An extra chapter with fifteen more levels and three mini-game-filled levels
  • Integrated strategy manual
  • Original soundtracks available for download
  • Wallpapers
  • Distinct access to character descriptions and clips
  • Collectible components for puzzles
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