New Yankee 12: Karma Tales Collector’s Edition

There is a long and challenging trip ahead to locate the lost raja!
In Karma Tales CE, New Yankee 12

John and Mary, the courageous and formidable team, have been handed another extremely significant job by King Arthur. It is up to John, Mary, and their pals to determine why a normally constant flow of silk, spices, curiosities, and resources has ceased! The raja who was normally in charge of sending these goods what happened to him? Is he in danger, or is there another reason for his disappearance? It is your responsibility to help John and Mary find the missing raja. Along the journey, you'll meet new people some of whom might even come in handy! You will have to persevere through the numerous hardships that our heroes will encounter while looking for the lost Raja. Navigate through magnificent scenery by pointing and clicking as you race against the clock. To guarantee safe travel, maintain and upgrade buildings, collect resources, mine for riches, and much more! Along the way, you might even need to create a few pictures, solve puzzles, find the occasional mantra, and even dance a little! It could be the last moment for the missing raja. Who knows what peril he may be in already? The text is bold.





- 45 unique and challenging timed levels
- An additional 8 levels incorporating signal towers
- 11 minigame levels with three captivating minigame kinds

- Three distinct challenges to test your abilities
- A plethora of upgrades and achievements are waiting to be obtained.- Exquisitely created and varied surroundings The text is bold.


Collector's Edition Features:


- An additional chapter featuring fifteen more stages

- Two more tiers featuring signal towers

- Three fresh stages for the minigame

- Comprehensive strategy manual

- Downloads of the original soundtracks are offered.

- Background Pictures- An issue to be resolved- Character Summaries

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