New Yankee 11: Battle For The Bride Collector’s Edition

Go on an amazing adventure to defeat a rapacious knight in the name of love!

Go on an adventure for the sake of love! Join a disorganized group of royals on a daring journey to prevent a rapacious knight from wedlock Sir Lancaster's daughter for financial gain, all the while overcoming formidable foes and dangerous obstacles. With each option bringing you closer to your objective, you'll need to hone your decision-making skills as you choose whether to gather resources, build structures, or remove anything in your way. Explore all of Camelot's breathtaking regions to persuade Sir Culhwch that his love is sincere. 7 Time is running out and Sir Culhwch needs your help, so if you feel up to it, you must leave right away!





- 53 distinct and difficult timed levels

- Eleven minigame levels with three captivating minigame categories

- Three distinct challenges to put your skills to the test

- Numerous accomplishments and upgrades to be unlocked

- Masterfully designed and varied settings



Collector's Edition Features:


- Bonus chapter featuring 17 more stages and more minigame levels

- Integrated comprehensive strategy guide

- A high-quality soundtrack is available for download.

- A gorgeous assortment of wallpapers

- Scatterable puzzle pieces that can be collected throughout the stages

- Use the character bios provided to learn more about the various characters.

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