Nevertales: Smoke and Mirrors Collector’s Edition

Set the universe of stories free!

Alice is a citizen of two worlds: the real one, where she is pursuing her dream of becoming a corporate CEO, and the imaginary Tale world, the world from the stories in which she was born. When her owl companion Gears returns with a pressing message, these two worlds intersect. The Queen of Hearts has taken her father into custody and is going to put him to death for treachery! To get to the Queen's castle, Alice will need to use her special mirror abilities to move between the real world and the Tale world. The rebellion is being led by Alice's mother, but will they be able to overthrow the Queen?


There are plenty of unique items included in this special Collector's Edition release that aren't included in the regular edition.





- Journey from the real world to the Tale world

- Defend Pierre and Belle against Mallek's cunning plans!

- Locate the Edelweiss blossom in the side quest.

- Get unique backgrounds that you can unlock while playing.

- To get additional content, look for a hidden collectable in each scene!

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