Nanny Mania 2: Nanny Goes to Hollywood

Aid in the growth of this famous family with Nanny Mania 2: Nanny Goes to Hollywood.

Crazy about Babysitting You've completed your babysitting course and are now prepared to assist your school with fundraising. Twenty of the most bizarre residences you've ever seen are something you never expected! You start slowly in Babysitting Mania, but before you know it, you'll be dealing with a flurry of children, birthday parties, and enormous houses to clean up before bed! With Nanny Mania 2: Hollywood, Nanny Mania is back for a whole new adventure! Nanny visits Hollywood and immerses you in the affluent and well-known people's lifestyles. Being a stay-at-home mother in Hollywood requires a lot of labor. Are you able to manage the home, the children, and the egos while fending off the paparazzi? Why not give Nanny Mania 2: Hollywood a try?

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