Myths of the World: The Heart of Desolation CE

Can you overcome the Terracotta Army led by the Dragon King?

All it was meant to be was a standard mission. Arrive by plane, drop supplies, and depart. However, you are dragged into the once-in-a-lifetime adventure when a dragon assaults your plane and it crashes into a verdant valley! Dragons are the protectors of the natural world who keep the weak safe in this old valley. They are real, breathing creatures. But it's up to you to put everything back in order when one of their own is taken over by their worst enemy. Will the planet end in destruction as it did aeons ago, or will you be able to overcome the Dragon King's formidable army of terracotta?





- Collectibles, achievements, and many extras
- Are you bored of hiding objects? Test out Mahjong Mode
- Play your beloved minigames
- Meet a fresh foe in the bonus chapter

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