Myths of the World: The Black Sun Collector’s Edition

The onslaught is on your hometown!
The Collector's Edition of Myths of the World: The Black Sun

Take pleasure in the latest installment of the Myths of the World series! You have been called in to look into the disappearance of the commander from your hometown. Your father is turned into stone by an odd entity before you can go too far! Searching for the beast and attempting to save the community is a race against the clock. Will you be the monster's next victim or will you locate it in time? Discover in this thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle journey! In the bonus chapter, team up with an unexpected friend to save a dying village!





- If you require assistance or are stuck, consult our extensive strategy guide.

- Find morphing objects and gather hidden lizards to add to your terrarium.
- Accomplish goals and gather medals for your memento collection.

- Take pleasure in the concept art, minigames, soundtrack, repeatable HOPs, and more!

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