Myths of the World: Island of Forgotten Evil Collector’s Edition

The uncle you lost to the curse... Whoever touches the relic is required to perish.
When will you follow?

Take pleasure in the latest instalment of the Myths of the World series! Your uncle concealed a secret item that only you were able to uncover before he passed away. When a ghostly apparition tries to sabotage your plans, what begins as a quest for the truth swiftly transforms into an incredible adventure! Will you be the next casualty of the Legionary's curse, or can you break it before it's too late? In this captivating hidden-object puzzle adventure, find out! In the bonus game, shut the gates to the Underworld!





- Locate secret signs all across the game! Gather mementos to stock the Souvenir Room.
- Get achievements to show off your surreal gameplay! Preserve your legendary recollections with concept art, wallpapers, posters, and music.

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