Myths of the World: Born of Clay and Fire Collector’s Edition

Can you prevent Prague from being destroyed?

Prague, your hometown, is being terrorized by an enigmatic creature, and only you are able to put an end to it! You discover what your father had been studying in his secret alchemy lab after he is arrested: the Clayborne, formidable mythological creatures created from clay and fire. In this amazing hidden-object puzzle game, it's up to you to uncover the real nature of the Clayborne and prevent the city from collapsing!





- In the bonus chapter, foil a long-standing adversary's plot to awaken a dormant ancient power! Gather animal alchemy symbols to uncover secret knowledge!
- Achieve goals to demonstrate your abilities.
- Look for concealed fire symbols in the game and detect objects that change in HOPs. Unlock gorgeous concept art, soundtracks, wallpapers, and more!

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