Mythic Wonders: Philosopher’s Stone Collector’s Edition

Uncover the mysteries of the Philosopher's Stone!

A frightening premonition about your uncle wakes you up. Your gut tells you that something is not right and that the project he was working on with you might have endangered his life. Together, you will construct a gateway that will allow you to explore a fabled realm where you will learn about the abilities and mysteries of the Philosopher's Stone! Travel through enchanted places while trying to save him. Overcome barriers erected by an odd and mystical creature at every turn. He is who? And what is his plan? Maybe all is not as it seems.





-A bonus chapter that explores the Guardian's origins
-The Nether, a second new realm
-Twenty morphing objects that appear throughout the game
-Beautiful soundtracks, wallpapers, concept art, and a screensaver

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1300 MB

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