Myth or Reality: Mystery of the Lake Collector’s Edition

Discover the mystery of Loch Ness Lake with Nessie!

From the Loch-Ness Hotel, greetings! It's a pleasure to have the writer of widely read pieces about mysterious occurrences here! We are happy that you agreed to visit and investigate the mystery surrounding the Loch Ness Monster. However, exercise caution as there have been instances of the monster assaulting tourists recently. Whatever the case, we sincerely hope you will appreciate our flats, which are tastefully furnished with mementos of Scottish culture. Although there is a slight chance of catastrophic flooding, the forecast is for sunny skies. Please understand that your safety and wellbeing are not the hotel's responsibility. Allocate some time for the all-new adventure of this hidden-object thriller! Discover the true story of Nessie!



  • An extra chapter to carry on the story!
  • Examine the artistic process through a variety of breathtaking concept art!
  • Get beautiful wallpapers to add some personalization to your experience!
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