Mystery Trackers: Paxton Creek Avenger Collector’s Edition

There's someone pursuing the Mystery Trackers!

Experience an amazing story about a disguised villain who takes on the entire Mystery Trackers organization in the tenth game in the series. An enigmatic figure identifying himself as the Paxton Creek Avenger has frightened an entire theatre full of people. You must stop him since he has taken the daughter of your commander hostage! Fortunately, you have an unidentified ally and a devoted Elf on your side. Find out what the Avenger has against the Mystery Trackers by tracking him down with their assistance and the usage of a specialized thermal scanning device. Play a number of minigames, such as super puzzles in the vein of Rube Goldberg and Match-3. In listed, silhouette, and interactive hidden-object puzzles, look for hints.





- In the bonus game, save a film team by going back to the cinema.
- Assemble an orchestra of performers and enjoy their performances.
- Discover morphing things and earn special achievements.
- Download the current Strategy Guide. Take pleasure in concept art, wallpaper, and music.

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