Mystery Trackers: Nightsville Horror Collector’s Edition

The Owl Man is coming.

Oliver, a small child, has been abducted, and the terrified residents of Willowsville are holding their rival town, Nightsville, accountable to the Owl Man. The Owl Man, who was once believed to be a made-up story intended to frighten children, appears to be real and is headed toward you. This game features a ton of intriguing new features, including interactive deduction dialogues and a unique Foresight Mode. Elf, your old friend, has also returned!





-  Take on the role of Owl Man and rescue Willowsville in the extra game!

- Gain achievements, purchase figurines, and gather morphing things by opening the secret room and replaying difficult puzzles and HOPs.

- You can also use the Strategy Guide to guide you through the swamps.

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