Mystery Tales: Eye of the Fire Collector’s Edition

Does anger truly ever go away?
Before it's too late, can you put an end to the fiery witch?

Appreciate this week's Mystery Tales edition! You are being called in to look at a young woman's terrifying nightmares. A straightforward investigation soon takes a hazardous turn as a former witch reappears to capture her target! Before it's too late, can you unearth long-kept mysteries and save the town? In this thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure, find out!





- In the bonus game, things go worse before getting better, and the only way to stop it is for you. Locate torture devices that are hidden and incorporate them into your dungeon of horrors!
- Play an additional card game by gathering concealed tarot cards. Find misplaced pages and include them in your witch's spell book.
- Features concept art, soundtrack, achievements, and wallpapers.

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