Mystery Case Files: The Harbinger Collector’s Edition

Sad goodbyes and fresh starts!
Within Mystery Case Files: The Collector's Edition by Harbinger

Mystery Case Files: The Harbinger is proudly presented. A novel new chapter in the legendary saga! It wasn't immediately apparent why the Master Detective had been sent in to look at a straightforward murder case in a tiny town until the inquiry turned up a number of odd allusions and well-known figures from the agency's history! What or who is so determined to bring up the past, and what secrets are hidden behind the murder? To unravel this mystery, you'll need to apply all of your puzzle-solving prowess and excellent searching abilities! This exciting new chapter in the beloved Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure series has all of the unexpected solutions waiting for you!





- In the bonus game, discover more about the mysteries of Celtic folklore while facing a challenging ancient task!

- Replay your preferred minigames and HOPS to unlock a number of exclusive achievements!

- There are several morphing/collectible tarot cards and puzzle components to locate!

- Take advantage of special wallpapers, a soundtrack, concept art, a jigsaw puzzle, a collection of tarot cards, fortune tellers, and more!

- With the strategy guide, you'll never get lost

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