Mystery Case Files: The Dalimar Legacy Collector’s Edition

Who'd resist changing the past if given the chance - Find out in Mystery Case Files: The Dalimar Legacy Collector's Edition

Why does the Master Detective always confront the agency's most formidable foes and emerge victorious? What propelled Charles Dalimar into madness? When the Master Detective is mysteriously transported into Dalimar's past body, these questions unfold. It falls upon you, as the Master Detective, to exploit this twist of fate and alter history, thwarting sinister crimes. But what is the cost? Brace yourself, Detective. This case may prove your toughest yet, laden with perilous traps, mind-bending puzzles, and intriguing characters!


Collector's Edition Features:


- Continue your mission as Angelica—the sole challenger to Dalimar's robots and his nefarious technology!

- Uncover more hidden items, including puzzle pieces, morphing objects, and medallions!

- Access downloadable wallpapers and soundtracks!

- Assemble every jigsaw piece to unlock a bonus puzzle, discover all hidden medallions, and earn additional achievements!

- Download original concept art, music, wallpapers, and revisit movies, minigames, and hidden object puzzles!

- Navigate Dalimar's lair effortlessly with the help of the convenient Strategy Guide!

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