Mysteries of the Mind: Coma Collector’s Edition

Examine your most intimate memories to fight your way out of a coma!

Everyone is worthy of another opportunity. After an accident, you're struggling to come out of a coma. To make amends and release yourself from the past, you have to go inside your head and examine your most deeply held memories. You will first return to see your mother, from whom you were estranged before her passing. This is your opportunity to solve the puzzle of your rift and express to her how much she meant to you. In this captivating hidden-object puzzle adventure game, you'll find yourself visiting nostalgic places and running with characters from your past. You have the task of discovering the true identity of a guiding spirit that is also present. What caused the permanent transformation of your family all those years ago? You might be surprised to learn what's truly keeping you stuck.





-Bonus game that completely resets the sad past of your character

-Comprehensive strategy manual

- Gorgeous wallpapers and concept art

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