Ms. Holmes: The Case of the Dancing Men CE

Can you help solve the dancing men's puzzle in time with Ms Holmes - The Case of the Dancing Men CE

The newest thrilling mystery in the Ms. Holmes series awaits to be tackled! When heiress Olivia Cubitt vanishes shortly before her wedding, your friend Oscar Watson knows exactly who to call! Weird letters encrypted with dancing figures have been received by Olivia's close friends and family. When you discover that your Uncle Sherlock's case files have been taken, there's little doubt that foul play is afoot! He once handled a case somewhat similar to this one. The connection between your case and your well-known forefathers must be found, and those behind the dancing men must be permanently ended. This captivating Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure will reveal all!


Collector's Edition Features:


- A series of enigmatic ailments will be examined in the Bonus Chapter!
- Achievements can be unlocked by replaying preferred minigames and HOPs!
- Magnifiers and a ton of trinkets will be located to unlock the Secret Room!
- Unique screensavers, music, backgrounds, and more will be available!
- Never get lost with the help of the strategy guide!

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