Moai 6: Unexpected Guests Collector’s Edition

Take a trip with two heroes on an epic journey!

Take a trip with two heroes on an epic journey! As fate sends a curious naturalist and a forward-thinking geologist to Tapa-Tui, Hika-Ri and Kao-Ri set off on a brand-new adventure to discover the various treasures of the island paradise and track down the person responsible for a heinous scheme to deprive it of its valuable resources. You will go through a variety of enchanted locations full of astounding marvels, such as colourful, bright jungles, an underwater wonderland overflowing with aquatic life, and a collection of floating islands. Along with facing off against formidable giants, you'll also have to outsmart cunning jellyfish and pet adorable Manu-Ai to win mana. Every interaction with these characters, which includes the witty Moko-Moko lizards and the endearing Posei-Don, will be unforgettable. You'll race through 80 exhilarating stages along the way, each of which tests your ability to carefully allocate your resources. You will have to conjure crops from rich soil, mine stone and ore from the Earth's depths, trade with merchants, and accomplish a variety of tasks, such as maintaining an island's viability or fixing a natural cloud generator. Your success will be guaranteed if you make wise use of relics that give different skills and productivity bonuses. Either finish your chores quickly and win a ton of rewards, or take your time and enjoy the game in a relaxing setting! In either case, the grand narrative will compel you to keep reading until its thrilling finish out of amazement and discovery. Take Hika-Ri and Kao-Ri on an unforgettable journey and relish many hours of entertainment on the magical island of Tapa-Tui!





- A multitude of difficult stages

- An exciting tale of exploration

- Fantastic animation and artwork

- Bonus content included in the Collector's Edition

- Tutorial that teaches you as you go.

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