Mira’s Workshop

Discover how to turn trash into a work of art!
In the Workshop of Mira

Mira has decided to participate in an automated animal display! With the help of her friends Ash and Summer, Mira started searching for parts for her mechanical masterpiece. Help Mira finish her large-scale project! Make money and personalize your horse. It is necessary to combine and replace parts. Try out a variety of minigames built on the Spot the Difference theme. Explore a bizarre, mechanical world full of fascinating people! Enjoyable music, a captivating story, and 150 vibrant nonogram puzzles ranging in difficulty will let you kill time and have fun! One of the best ways to challenge yourself is with puzzles! Assist Mira and her friends in finishing their project by helping them solve riddles and complete stages!





- 150 vibrant and captivating levels!

- Construct a mechanized horse!
- Eye-catching graphics!

- Vibrant hues of summer!

- A thrilling journey!
- Develop your capacity for abstract and logical thought!

- An easy-to-use UI and captivating gameplay!

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