Mind Snares: Alice’s Journey

Assist Alice in overcoming her obstacles and returning home.

Alice Dahl is a 35-year-old employee at an office. Even though Alice dislikes her job, she is afraid to quit and cannot escape her fear. She gets into an accident when hurrying to a meeting with her next customer, and her car crashes into a river. After the accident, she wakes up in an unfamiliar area that initially appears to be a hospital. until it starts to change and become something entirely else. Alice will have to confront her prior concerns in this realm, which is otherworldly, in order to realize the extent of her losses. Although it is a very difficult assignment, this may be her last, and only, chance to live a happy life.





- Five distinct game worlds.
-A voyage into the human subconscious.
-Attractive graphics and mini-games.

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