Midnight Mysteries: Devil on the Mississippi Collector’s Edition

This is Mark Twain's spirit contacting you for assistance!

The spirit of Mark Twain has come to you in an attempt to free himself from an evil that has been pursuing him in the afterlife. Follow the actions in Twain's past that resulted in his lifelong suffering. Twain's love of literary history rekindles a contentious discussion concerning Shakespeare's real identity, bringing up several sinister figures. Twain begins to purge the darkness from his time after discovering an unforeseen evil, but the story only gets more complicated. As deadly forces loom, you must work with Twain to sort out the links to correct history.





  • Use the helpful, fully integrated Strategy Guide
  • See behind the scenes with a wealth of Concept
  • 12 exquisitely illustrated Wallpapers
  • Bonus Dem Bones Game Mode
  • Relive all the special effects in the Panic Room.
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