Midnight Calling: Valeria Collector’s Edition

Are you able to determine why the cool down occurred?
The Collector's Edition of Valeria in Midnight Calling

Take pleasure in the latest installment of the Midnight Calling series!. Your grandma has asked you to assist in averting a global catastrophe as your globe is quickly cooling down! You'll soon discover the mysterious powers at work as you explore the chilly environment. Are you able to save the world in time, and your family? In this thrilling hidden-object puzzle adventure, find out!





- Take on the role of Granny and protect Valeria from evil in the additional chapter!
- Finish gathering zodiac signs and image snippets.

- Get amazing screen savers, music, wallpaper, and concept art.

- Accumulate achievements as you progress through the game.

- Play minigames and solve puzzles with hidden objects in the hidden chamber.

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