Merchants of the Caribbean Collector’s Edition

Make your presence known in the New World!
Within the Collector's Edition of Merchants of the Caribbean

Take part in an exciting adventure suitable for all ages and stake your claim in the New World! In exciting ship-to-ship combat, defeat robber pirates and use economic acumen to create a prosperous province out of the wild territories! Are you ready for the adventure that awaits you? All hands on deck as you head for adventure and triumph with sailors, guns, and unbridled bravery at your disposal!




- 42 difficult levels
- Easy and normal game modes
- Adrenaline-pumping ship-to-ship battles
- Learn-as-you-play tutorial



Collector's Edition Features:

- Bonus chapter with 10 levels
- Rousing downloadable soundtrack
- Vibrant desktop wallpapers
- Step-by-step level guide
- In-game encyclopedia

Game details
Release Date
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330 MB

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