Memoirs of Murder: Behind the Scenes Collector’s Edition

Trim! Crime scene on stage!
In Memoirs of Murder: Behind the Scenes CE, assist in solving the crime

Take on a fresh journey with the retired detective team in Memoirs of Murder! A pleasant trip to a real-crime film set takes a terrible turn when Aaron's cousin Kevin is suspected of killing the lead actress. Though Aaron and Mary believe Kevin is being set up to take the fall, everyone in this little community is positive he is the murderer. Is it possible to demonstrate Kevin's innocence, or will he face consequences for a crime he did not commit? Play this exciting hidden-object puzzle adventure game to find out! In the bonus game, look into a disappearance and solve one last mystery!





- Relive your best minigames and HOPs to unlock achievements!

- There are a ton of artifacts and mementos available!

- Take advantage of unique films, music, concept art, and wallpapers!
- Use the strategy guide to never get lost!

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