Maze Of Realities: Reflection of Light CE

A portal to a parallel universe is unlocked by an Arizona meteorite.
Will you give it a try?

There has been a mysterious meteorite crash in the Grand Canyon of Arizona. In a hurry to study the space rock, archaeologists arrive, but the whole team vanishes. You are on a search party with Emma, your niece. The meteorite transports you to a different universe when you arrive at the abandoned camp to search for clues! You now have to solve puzzles, search for hidden artefacts, and explore the intriguing Worlds of Light and Shadow to locate the archaeologists. And remember that not all friendly strangers can become your friends, even though you will surely receive assistance on your journey! Gather your cunning for an incredible detective tale in this thrilling new hidden-object puzzle adventure!





- Prevent the destruction of the Worlds of Light and Shadow in the Bonus Chapter! Take advantage of exclusive videos, music, wallpapers, and more! With the comprehensive Strategy Guide, you'll never get lost in the parallel universe!
- Gather every relic and accomplish every goal!

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