Match Marbles 7

In the sweltering desert heat, no one has ever set foot inside the old castle!
Could you?

An ancient fortress stands in the sweltering desert heat. There is a tremendous energy surrounding it. But no one has ever managed to get inside. The entrance is blocked by the Black Seals. Discover a way to eliminate them so you can play through intriguing new game levels! If you can't see because of the drifting fog, just match by its side, underneath it, or apply bonuses. Stone creatures are no longer killed by the Phoenixes' flaming aura, and Clay Amphoras are now annihilated by an explosion.



A new Match 3 and Marble Popper game mode

The addition of a Black Seal and a Sealed Border.

Stones that fly no longer get stopped by the fog.

It is no longer possible for phoenixes to destroy stone objects.

Right now, an explosion instantly destroys clay amphoras.

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