Match Marbles 3

Take on 135 difficult levels in Match Marbles 3.

Stepping on the sand becomes challenging due to its swishing underfoot. Abruptly, a verdant island materializes in the distance. After finishing the last stretch, you inhale deeply. Now you can unwind in the shade. Take advantage of this relaxing and steamy experience! A stone amphora filled with sand is one of the new game items that have been added. Avoid making use of every benefit at once. They could come in useful if the amphora breaks. Don't rush because this game doesn't have a timer. The sand will be carried away by the wind after being struck by an orb. One of the game's many features is its 135 difficult levels and its addition of new game objects, such as Sand and Stone Amphora. To win, employ a range of strategies. There are no time constraints when playing.

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