Mahjong Fest: Winter Wonderland

Play mahjong, plan a winter celebration, and solve mahjong problems to rebuild the village.

Restore the winter town by playing mahjong. Mahjong puzzles must be solved while you restore the community and plan a winter event. Finish missions and plan the greatest Mahjong Festival you've ever seen. Make a delicious batch of muffins, fire up the oven at the cookie factory, and build a quaint little hamlet on the hill! To get ready for a great holiday party, build an ornament factory, and a ski workshop, and finish dozens of additional missions. There is a ton of fun ahead for you this winter. Every time you replay a level, the pieces are positioned differently and the objectives are different. Even the most challenging layouts can be solved with the aid of useful powerups. It's not always simple to find all the necessary pairs without getting blocked. A stronger alternative Functionalities: In summaryAccomplish numerous quests. Try out three distinct game modes. In summaryAdorn a stunning setting. In summary definition visuals for larger screens

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